Tax Service

Our tax services include:
 Individual tax preparation
 Out of state tax returns
 Non-resident and part-year resident tax returns
 Prior year return review and/or preparation
 Amended tax returns
 Small business tax preparation
 Partnership, LLC, and Corporation tax returns
 Estate and Trust tax returns
 Electronic filing included in price

We make it our business to know you and to know the tax laws. Our relationship with you continues throughout the year to provide you with support and advice. We strive to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our staff receives continuing education every year to keep us informed of the latest tax law changes. Deb Wiese, Pat Mink-Steensen, Laura Dawson, Sarah Yuong, and Robin Nicolaysen are Enrolled Agents which means they are licensed directly by the Internal Revenue Service, having passed a comprehensive exam covering the tax code and are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Deb VanKampen, Deb Campbell, and Justin Sampson are registered tax return preparers.

At your tax appointment we will review your information with you to ensure we provide you with an accurate tax return with the maximum refund or lowest amount owed that is allowed by the tax code. After your appointment your return will be prepared, double checked for accuracy, copied and readied for your signature.

Walk-ins are welcome.